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DympnaIf just the thought of home repairs give you a mini heart attack, then you’re going to come out smiling once you visit Paper Eden. You’re not alone in your fear of home repair- so many other people just shudder at the idea of changing out an old garage door or replacing a broken window. My name is Dympna Gerlach, I’m a home improvement expert, believer in miracles and a fan of tasteful art. Upon realizing how many people fear repairs I created Paper Eden, an online resource where everyone can become skilled at home repairs. Home improvement may be a daunting task, but it is not impossible. With the information you will find at Paper Eden, you will become a pro at home makeovers in no time. Start with small changes, such as replacing a door or re-doing your stairs and move on towards a major house overhaul. In addition to being easy to do, our home improvement ideas are also affordable. We want to make your house as beautiful as possible and in as little as possible.

Even if you’ve never changed a light bulb yourself, it’s never too late to learn. Paper Eden makes learning home improvement skills super simple- browse through the site for unlimited tips and ideas on how you can make your home much more beautiful. Or send me a message to say hello!